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Benefits of Thermal Suite

The thermal suite introduces the guests to the ethos of Revas Spa: a cocoon of relaxation and a haven of tranquility, relaxing muscles and softening skin. The soothing heat experience enhances results from spa treatments while infused steam and herbs have a detoxifying and cleansing affect on the body.

80 mins (approx) – €50

Offering a refreshing prelude or conclusion to any spa treatment, or simply as a treatment in itself, this hot and cold experience offers a refreshing beginning or conclusion to your spa journey. These specialized areas offer intense detoxification and relaxation, promoting an enhanced metabolism, and clearing of the lungs and senses.

Foot Spa

A relaxing foot bath with individually heated seats. This provides a relaxing introduction to the guests thermal experience.

Herb Sauna

The body gently warms to stimulate the circulation as you unwind in our gentle, purifying and detoxifying dry heat room.

Sensation Showers

From a Celtic mist essence, to a cool mint rain, this refreshing experience relaxes your body and mind. Alternatively a tropical massage shower using passion fruit essence invigorates your senses.

Outdoor Hot Tub

This exhilarating heated outdoor tub with massage jets is surrounded by a man made lake and entices you to simply float away.

Havana Relaxation Suite

This Cuban style indoor/outdoor relaxation area allows you the time to soak up the soothing Revas ambiance.


The caldarium is a part of classic Roman thermal bath. The walls, floors and benches are heated by floor heating. The air humidity is almost 100 %, while the air temperature is below the wall temperature. This ensures a warm, humid climate. A caldarium is often used as preparation for a highly tempered sauna, or by people who cannot visit a hotter sauna because of circulatory issues.


A Himalayan salt room is a tranquil space adorned with Himalayan salt crystals on the walls. Guests relax in this serene environment while inhaling the air, which is infused with salt particles known for their potential health benefits, such as respiratory improvement and relaxation.


Please note the Thermal Suite is not suitable for expectant mothers and persons suffering from certain medical conditions for example un-medicated high blood pressure . If you suffer from any medical conditions please inform a Revas team member before using the thermal spa facilities. Under 16’s are not permitted to use the thermal suite. Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.