Turkish Mud Rasul Chamber

A Rasul is a chamber where a traditional Arabic body treatment involving steam and mud takes place. Using mud of various colours, ingredients and minerals, you sit in a tiled steam room for approximately 50 minutes. The steam opens your pores and allows the detoxifying and healing properties of the mud to penetrate the skin. Afterwards, the star studded ceiling expels a tropical rain to gentle add moisture to the mud to soak into the skin to reap the full benefits.

The rasul is a great way of soothing and warming your muscles and softening your skin. It′s a great treatment for priming your body for a massage, which will then be much more effective. The rasul room caters for up to four guests of one party at any one time. So whether it is with friends or with someone special a Rasul should be on everyone′s Spa wish list.

50 minutes

Two people – €130

Three people – €170
Four people – €170 (Monday to Friday excluding bank holiday)

Four people- €200 ( weekends including bank holidays)

Revas Turkish Spa Retreat

  • Turkish Mud Rasul Chamber 50 mins
  • Choice of a 50 minute Swedish Full Body Massage or 50 minute Specialized Facial
  • Relaxation time and Refreshments

Two People – €245

Three People – €330

Four People – €360