Not Stressed??? That’s something worth thinking about isn’t it?


You might wonder about it for a while, but then you snap back to reality and realise that kind of world just couldn’t exist in real life. You tell yourself…..”It’s normal to be stressed in this day and age.”

Until finally it becomes overwhelming. Physically and emotionally everyday life starts holding you back and dragging you down, and that’s not to even mention the health effects it starts to have on your body. Finally it becomes an insidious problem that doesn’t stop, even after it has turned our emotions and our bodies completely inside out.

 In today’s society a lot of you reading this right now can relate. A lot of you are in this very place right now or may have someone close to you who is.

 Having been in business here at Woodlands House Hotel now for over 18 years, one of the most common issues who try to help our guests with is alleviating stress. We meet people on a daily basis who are in such bad need of a personal break, but admit to almost feeling guilty about taking a few hours for themselves.

 What we have found to help people to get back to a more centred space are a combination of self-caring daily habits and systems, which, when employed, can have a dramatic effect on a personals overall wellbeing. Some suggestions we make to our guests which they advise have really made an impact include the following:


Break Tasks Down To Reduce Stress

 How do you eat an elephant?

 The most productive way to get through the day effectively is to focus on the task at hand. When we dedicate our focus to one particular task at a time, we are more likely to produce quality results rather than large quantities of efforts which may need to be revised or changed several times again later. This can be a tricky one. Being aware of distractions and eliminating other attention grabbers is a key element to this systems success. Start with turning off your email notification, and let them wait until a time which you have dedicated solely for reading and responding to communications.


Prioritise Your Schedule

 Recognise that you are only one person, and make sure your key investors and colleges appreciate that too. On a good day when you might not be feeling stressed you can surprise yourself with the volume of work you get through. You might think you have gotten 3 days’ worth of work done in one!

However it is not practical to expect this kind of performance from yourself on a daily basis. Unachievable expectations only lead to disappointment and of course…………stress. Break your schedule down and focus on only the tasks that are the most beneficial to us. Delegate or remove anything which is of not benefit to you. If you need to say no….SAY NO! This will help you to weed out the time consumers and activities that will leave you feeling overwhelmed, under successful and generally stressed out. Use this extra time to refuel before diving into the next task with a fresh optimistic perspective.


say no




Get Moving

 Healthy brain activity is directly linked with being physically active. Now we don’t mean spend your last euro on a really extravagant personal trainer or cross fit membership, but it does make a huge difference to just get out an about for a walk, short run, or a bit of team sports. If its possible to get active on your lunch break, then dive right in! Physical movement in any form is an amazing stress reliever, so get outside, get yourself some fresh air, and feel that stress start to evaporate.




 Be A Healthier Version of You

 Experiment on what activates tend to calm you down and make sure you make time for yourself to do more of it on a regular basis. For some it’s the gym, for some its yoga, and for others its enjoying a relaxing body massage. Different activities work for different people. The key is to recognise what works for you, and allowing yourself this indulgent personal time, with only 100% guilt free emotions and associations. If we don’t allow ourselves this time to re-centre, we find it increasingly difficult to re-connect with the people and things we love the most in our personal lives, and at the end of the day…..isn’t that what it’s really all about?


Medical massage closeup with beautiful charming light.




 Don’t Stress the Finances

 If all you focus on is money, you don’t have a hope of breaking out of those stress chains. Find joy in all things other than money. Focus on things you are truly passionate and care about. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we actually enjoyed what we did for a living so much that it didn’t actually feel like work? The more joy you have within yourself, the more you bring that with you and radiate it where ever you go and in whatever you do, so live and love in the moment and forget about tomorrow.