Blush Blonde

Over the last 18 months or so, bubble-gum locks have transitioned from being a flash-in-the-pan trend to the new norm in the commercial salon. Thereblush are currently 3.5 million posts of #pinkhair on Instagram and a further 10,000 posts for #millennialpink. But the trend is no longer just the reserved for the bright young twentysomethings, it’s really taking hold as the next big blonde.

This spring, blush is taking over as an official new hair colour category — no longer associating itself with the rebellious ranks of turquoise, violet and emerald, but blending in and being accepted within the less adventurous circle of blondes and brunettes.

According to the UK’s largest survey on modern hair colour habits conducted by L’Oréal Professional, eight out of 10 women in London said they would be more likely to experiment with the pink hair trend over any other alt colour. Here in Revas Spa, we have definitely seen a spike in clients toning their usual summer blonde for a little hint of blush.

It’s such a popular trend because it is inclusive of all ages, and gives most Irish skin tones a stunning, radiant glow. As well as this — the wide array of colour techniques we use at Revas Spa opens up the options to anything from a soft, wearable and low-commitment dabble in different hues — to an all over toner which can be adapted to wash out completely if desired.

There are so many different shades of blush, from soft shell all the way through to Yves Saint Laurent fuchsia. Our current favourite is definitely a soft rose gold toner , which is especially stunning as a toner on previously golden balayage ends. Matrix professional offer us the most stunning range of metalic and blush tones giving us consistent long lasting results every single time.



biolage colour last

To maintain the colour, it is essential to use the best quality colour care homecare available. We strongly recommend Matrix Biolage Colourlast shampoo, condition and mask to prevernt colour fade for up to 20 shampoos.

If you fancy a boost with a shade of blush this spring, or if you’re simply considering dabbling in the idea and want to chat further with one of our colourists before taking the plunge, simply call us to set up a consultation appointment and we would be more than happy to talk you through all of your options and if this trend is the right choice for you this season.


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