Having an efficient and effective skincare regime is no easy feat. It takes consistency and commitment. But the fact of the matter is, regardless of how extensive your skin care collection is or how religious you are with your routine, if you aren’t applying your lotions and potions in the correct order, you most likely aren’t reaping the proper benefits from your efforts.
So what exactly is the correct order?

1. Exfoliate
On a regular day, cleansing is the first step but on the days where you are exfoliating your skin (once or twice a week) you should exfoliate before you cleanse. This will remove all the dirt, dead skin and bacteria leaving your skin prepared to let the cleanser really penetrate the skin for a deep clean.

2. Cleanser
Step 1 on a regular day is always cleanser. You are wasting your time applying expensive creams onto a dirty canvas, this will just lead to  clogging and your skin will be  unable to absorb the activ ingredients of the products to follow.

3. Toner
You tone after you cleanse. It will refresh your skin, remove any last traces of dirt and makeup and the right toner for your skin will also attract moisture from the air which helps your skin to absorb the hydrating products to follow.

4. Serum
This step is where people can sometimes get confused. The reason you should apply your facial serum before your moisturiser is because your moisturiser will often be of a thicker consistency and might contain oil. This will block the serum penetrating the deeper layers of your skin.
Because serums are really concentrated and very dense in nutrients that address specific concerns it’s better to let them penetrate as deeply into to the skin as possible.

5. Eye Cream
Nothing but eye cream should be applied to the eye area. The skin around the eye is extremely delicate and rich creams and serums will result in those little white bumps called milia and sore eyes.

6. Moisturiser
Next is your moisturiser. Very important! Massage your chosen moisturiser into the skin in a circular motion.

7. SPF
Never Ever leave the house without completing your skincare routine with a high-quality SPF factor of at least 30. Most high-end skincare lines will now carry their own SPF cream with their own added additional ingredients for extra benefits. A must to avoid harmful UV rays responsible for skin damage and premature signs of aging.


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