You may have noticed from our social media feeds over the last few weeks that Revas Hair Gallery are experiencing a surge of young people who wish to go above and beyond to help out a stranger in need.

A few months back, Revas Spa were inspired by the Irish Rapunzel foundation and what this group of volunteers, (all of whom have full time jobs outside of the foundation), are trying to achieve. The Irish voluntary foundation strive to help children and adults who are currently suffering from alopecia by collecting unprocessed human hair and creating Freedom Hair wigs. Hair is raised through the Rapunzel Foundation’s Ponytail campaign. Through this, people commit to growing their hair 14 inches or longer with the view to their hair being sent to help make much needed wigs to improve the lives of those living with the hair loss.

Immediately we decided that this was a cause we wanted to be involved with. While we imagined that with the requirements for donations being a minimum of 14 inches of “virgin” hair ( never before coloured or chemically treated), was an enormous ask for most, we thought that any donation at all we could be a part of would be well worth the cause.

Little did we expect to be inundated by bookings with little girls as young as 5 years old absolutely addiment to do this selfless deed for a stranger. As a stylist in the Revas Hair Gallery myself, it never ceases to amaze and humble me how these little girls sit still and silent, completely unfazed, while their long luscious locks are suddenly taken away from them. As a grown adult I find myself wondering as I am cutting through those ponytails “ would I ever have the courage to do this?”. I think I already know the answer to that one, which is probably why these little ladies put me to shame every time they skip out our salon door, 14 inch ponytail in hand.

Well Done


Across Ireland the Foundation is creating an awareness of alopecia, a condition which can often have a social stigma attached to it due to a lack of understanding and information. The Rapunzel Foundation is financially assisting children and adults with alopecia who wish to wear a secure, comfortable, natural-looking human hair wig: a wig which will allow the child to engage in all aspects of their childhood, from swimming, horse-riding, gymnastics to the everyday rough and tumble of being a kid with everyday living.

For many ‘alopecians’ one of the best ways of dealing with alopecia is to wear a natural-looking wig made with the highest quality untreated human hair. This means not having to worry whether or not your colleagues or the people you meet as part of your daily life can tell if you are wearing a wig. Wearing a natural-looking wig can help give back some of the self-confidence often lost after developing alopecia. It allows people to enjoy their lives without worrying about their alopecia or their wig.

Here’s just one testimonial of a family’s story who were recently touched by the work of the Rapunzel foundation:


My story by Lorraine and Cherifa.

In May 2009 my 2 year old daughter and myself developed Alopecia. We lost our hair slowly but surely, over the next two years till we had none left. Our lives were turned upside down, our self-esteem shattered and trying to explain and answer my daughter’s heart-breaking questions was very difficult. There was very little support or advice as there is no cure for this condition.

When I came across the Rapunzel Foundation it gave me hope, support and our self-confidence back. The Rapunzel Foundation allowed us to have real hair again. Having hair again made a huge difference to us as y little girl was about to start big school which alone is a worry for any parent. It had made the transition so much easier for my daughter and myself when we had our confidence back.

We all take hair for granted until something like this happens and it made me realize how important hair is in today’s society. Without people donating hair and supporting Rapunzel Foundation people whom desperately need hair will have to suffer in silence.


The Revas Spa have committed to offering the Rapunzel hair cut service FOR FREE to anyone who wishes to get involved and donate their hair to this incredible and inspiring cause. The Rapunzel foundation is delighted to accept hair donations from anyone wishing to give their hair towards a wig for someone who has long term hair loss.

To check the requirements for donation, read the frequently asked questions, or learn more about their freedom wigs, click here now or call us at Revas Spa on 061 605120 or email [email protected] .