Let’s be  honest here for a minute: Would it really be as exciting facing into  a new Autumn/Winter season if there wasn’t a new hair color trend with a fantastically delicious  name tied to it swirling around social media right now? Well of course not! This year, like clockwork, it has arrived  for fall 2017, and it’s just as whimsical as you were all expecting. Introducing…… “Cream Soda.”

Refinery29 talked to Los Angeles-based hairstylist, Sunnie Brook, who confirmed it’s the color all of her clients are asking for this season. (For the record, her roster includes the likes of Hailey Baldwin, America Ferrera, and Claire Holt, to name a few.)

Straddling on the fence right  between brunette and blonde, Brook describes the shade as having “beige brown and warm gold tones to it,” and saysThe Hair Colour of Autumn 2017 the hue can be easily adapted for both blondes or brunettes. She says it’s so appealing to her clients because of its face-brightening effect from the golden highlights, which impart that natural “lit-from-within” look everyone and their mother will be lusting for this season. And because you’re not aiming for an all-over blonde with this color, you may be able to  bypass much of the damage caused from bleaching your hair.

So there you have it, folks: Pumpkin spice is OUT,  but there’s no denying cream soda is most definitely IN!

A mixture of blonde/brown tones with gold flecks








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